8/7/2008 3:09:49 PM

Awesome work. As usual the style of your introductory paragraph shack my mind. Every writer has some unique style to write and that makes them famous. Why you not writing novel or short story book? I am waiting for non — techie version. And yes at the end of your book plz give some definition of invented words.

And the story is really great. I understand the story and feel it from my heart…I dont knw who else can feel as much I …. But I never imagine that you can say something in the completely new techy way.

Best of luck


8/9/2008 12:06:31 PM

it surely reflects the indept knowledge of the subject. and the style is cool. you should really write more often… and on more subjects please … would like to get more out of you.


8/17/2008 5:17:01 AM

Dear Amit,

Very nice story. A very good attempt. I have one suggestion though.

You are not doing justice to the story by finishing it in few words. You are leaving a lot to the reader to figure out. Add more words, more explanations in certain areas. Write a short novel instead and would be a real pro’s work.



9/9/2008 5:05:35 AM

Seems this short story is an introduction for an upcoming novel…for whatever it is…it’s excellent…I got engrossed while reading it…would have been happy if had more to read…every new para unfolds a different world contrasts your position that you had until last para…excellent story…

True story….really???? then who all are the involved..


CTO // Canopy.cloud