My phone was acting weird from some days, suddenly a pop up welcoming me or a sound like hush or automatic theme activation. Being a nerd myself, I knew something was wrong. I worked on making a Bluetooth tracer and hacked into central server and alas, I could identify the culprit location through GPS.

Tracking way through my GPS tracker, I reached city café and found a girl in her twenties, playing with her mobile and my GPS tracker could identify her.

I pulled a chair and sat beside her and asked “Why me, babe?”

She responded unflinchingly “So that you can find me, I am Tina. I’m your sister’s best friend”. I was taken aback.

She showed me some outstanding tricks on her gadgets. By looking at her picture perfect figure, I knew she was not capable of working hard to learn the ropes of geeky world but yes, must have worked hard in Gold’s Gym.

So I asked her ‘what’s your source, because you do not belong to cheesy nerdy world’.

She answered with one liner “I was a geek’s girlfriend”

She rode pillion with me and entered my cozy terrace. I told her to take a seat and be comfortable. I appreciated the guts and off course…. the looks!!

I took water bottle, poured them in two glasses and saw her flipping pages of my yet to be published book “Free Email services and loop holes- expert guide”.

She asked me curiously about loop holes. I explained her, the nuisances involved in hacking and most importantly to delete the foot prints (traces which can lead an investigation agency to the source of hack). I took solace in fact that being a proud nerd; my knowledge surpasses common people’s understanding.

We chatted for a while and then she left for her place.

I was busy in my offshore oil exploration projects, as Engineer in ONGC.

In my next trip back home, I thought to visit her and when I reached there; found 3 police vans queued in parking place. I was sure, she must have loaned trouble for herself by fiddling with gadgets, once again.

There was some suited booted police walas…they saw an opportunity in the well oiled hair of a geek, that’s me. Cyber crime people asked me 100011 questions in total however they had to let me go as I was a mechanical engineer and had my ONGC employee id.

Right in front of her house, I saw another geek (her ex) with soda water glasses, polluting the socio fabric culture with abuses directly lifted from ancient mohanjodro site. There I saw, the ninth wonder of the world; a Haryanvi touching his feet and saying “Oh my Lord!! Make me your abuse disciple”

I got to speak to the beauty finally; she invited me for a party at Taj Lands End.

She has invited the world over and the do was real classy and had been organized keeping in mind the different tastes of world, in one side Rakhi Sawant was Strutting her X and Y axis and Gary lawyer was practicing in the party.

She took my hand and showed me around. I asked her HOW?

She said Thanks…and walked towards stage.

I read in bold letter “Book Launch — Ms. Tina”

Book’s name was ‘geek’s girlfriend’ and tagline was “be a geek to take revenge from a geek”

At least last 10 pages were lifted from our last meeting and surprisingly in THE FOREWARD; she has thanked me 1000 times for being the best teacher.

With heavy breath, I read last 6 lines….

………and to fulfill my revenge, I tried to learn the tricks of a geek. It took me years to know that, although you can pretend to be a geek but can never be one at your will; geeks are born not made. I saw one geek drowning him in champagne and told to myself, he is the one who will help me attain moksha and he did.

I learnt the trades of geek and assassinated my geek’s character, money and ultimately the pride……he is going to remember me…. forever.

[ This is a techie version, so if you dont understand it..dont worry there will be a non-techie version coming soon. ]

(Inspired from a true story)

originally written: 7. August 2008 02:32

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