I was going to office from Vashi to Mulund in my brand new car. Yes, at last I own my dream car.

Although, this was a perfect day and I was driving my dream. My eyes were searching someone on the road…somewhere near the bus stop…I could not see her….neither him.

Traffic signal showed 320 seconds to turn green and I soaked myself 3 months back in time. I was sitting in nearly empty BEST 512 Bus, bus screeched to a halt and some laborers boarded the bus. I was looking at their cloths and was thinking about hard times they face in this cold season. I started feeling bad…that’s why I hate this bus journey; always forces me to turn into a social activist.

Someone was blushing and talking sweet nothings just behind me; I turned backwards and saw two innocent faces talking to each other. Their clothes were same as other laborers but i could clearly see the distinct spark in her eyes. Her eyes were saying 1000 words per milli seconds and the guy had expression of King..he looked content, happy, responsible and full of love. Someone said it very right “Allen Solly can not bring a smile but a happy face can; wear a smile instead”. Her smile was surely infectious and he was holding her hand like no matter what, we are made for each other.

This became a routine, I used to take 9:15 morning bus and they used to take the same bus from next stop.

I was expecting some guests so needed someone to clean my garage to portray a clean man image. These guests with 25 Lakh cash and a dream car, were searching for a groom; according to my parents, I was one of the candidates. After researching well about my dream car on India’s Leading Automobile portal i.e. Carwale.com, I was pretty convinced about my ability to afford the car and inability to afford the fuel. To get my dream car without paying a single installment and a bank balance protecting me from all the forthcoming international fuel hikes; I opted for this so called cleanliness campaign. I never wanted to leave a chance to own this car, a hefty bank balance and so called lure of home cooked food from the hands of lovely wife.

I called my friendly Turnkey contractor Siddhartha, he promised to send over some laborers for my house cleaning campaign. I took 3 days holiday, now I had a extended weekend and ample time to prove my worth of a well settled man with clean habits sans my wine bottles, cigarettes etc.

I recognized them from far away; they were the same laborer couple holding hands and traveling with me everyday. Their name was Raja and Kajri. I welcomed them home and told them what all I expect from them and why. They smiled and started working collectively.

I observed them giggling, helping each other, dreaming with each other. 2 days past, I was a proud owner of a neat & clean house; neither my parents nor my guests could believe their eyes. They were way impressed with my teetotaler habits and clean house ; they finalized my candidature for their high profile daughter, who has studied all letters in alphabet but has forgot to understand few of them like K for Kitchen and Khana banana but she knew khana kaise khana..clever thing nah.

Anyways, now I was sure of getting hands on my share of money and my dream car; so thought of celebrating by calling a party for all contributors at lunch. I could not have forgot Raja and Kajri so invited them for dinner; I wanted to learn something from their happiness, so they were the only guest at dinner. As promised they turned up; shy and reserve but confident. I served them dinner, sat with them and asked them about their life.

Their story was full of love and inspiring; they got married at the age of 14 and 16. Although she could not study much beyond 7th but she has her own dreams. She wanted a guy, who is confident, caring and able to take bull by horns. Nobody could understand her and she was married off with Raja, a guy she has not even seen before. Raja was a fine man, a hardworking and shy guy; she knew he was right one but wanted to mould him into her dream piece. She asked him to hold her hand but he looked down shyly. She thought to herself, sometimes you need to work towards making your dream into a reality.

She made him believe in her dreams and helped him understand the importance of many more things, which she has seen in books but not in real; they left their cultivating farm lands behind and came to this cruel city. They did odd jobs but trying conditions polished them, made them realize the importance of being together and what they mean to each other. The shared their bread, pain, smiles and life and now they understand the meaning of soul too. Yesterday, when she was getting into the bus, conductor started the bus and she lost her balance but he did not let her fall with his tight grip. Other day, Raja got promoted due to his sheer hard work and another worker got bruised due to his eyes venturing out of focus and staying too long on Kajri.

Although they were sitting besides me, I could feel sounds coming from so far, may be heaven. I could see an Aura encircling them and their love, she was clutching on his hands. Suddenly she said “Sir, today I am proud of my husband. I dreamt about him holding my hand and my dream is attained. We will leave for our home place, tomorrow early morning. We had come here to get exposure and learn from the life. We will go back to our farms and can cultivate gold from our lands”. Her beaming smile and his lightened face was assuring of awaiting gold mines.

Signal turned green and I drove towards office.

I had learned my lesson from them, worked hard towards achieving my dream car, dream bungalow and dream wife. I did not compromised with what was being offered to me in plate; 25 Lakh in cash, 4 wheel drive and a wife different from my dreams. I worked hard — full time and part time, increased my savings, ran a consultancy, invested in studies and now I own this place called Ventura Tech InfoTech with 300 strong employees.

The cherry on the cake was I could marry the girl, whom I loved from bottom of my heart i.e. my own Kajri.

Believe in dreams and have faith; you did one compromise and you won’t be able to dream thereon, because you wil not have a sound sleep. — by Amit Gupta

originally written : 15. September 2008 10:06

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