A bald guy seating on the golden throne in Armani suit and you can see glimpse of the BMW X3 series standing just behind him.

Few decades ago, there lives a small guy fighting the big guy and getting beaten and bruised, for each 5 jabs he gives back 1 jab but stands his ground. The small guy has a family …..big but quite, influential but no-one wielding power or shield.

Rachit is the name; meant invention and he justified it every day, he found ways to fight a war with life.

Rachit was a simpleton; he liked to walk…so every day he walked a little and wandered in the hinterland. Then late evening, all neighbors start looking for him because they knew Rachit has walked too far and then you find him still walking or seating besides road; pressing his own little legs to relieve the pain.

Then who knew he will walk that far.

Small town Ranchi boy started studying in DAV Shyamali. Study too was a walk, tight rope walk. He was sincere and gave his best but always stood second.

They were going to Aurangabad as Boy Scout; it was a 3 hour journey by train. The train was crowded; he bended his left hand, got in the handicapped coach, travelled seating on the royal seat. Rest of the Boy Scout travelled cramped in the General compartment, standing on one feat. The boy had learnt to walk and life taught him to take short cuts.

A chance and he flew to biggest town of the country to study with Uncle. The god snatches one thing and gives back three things. He had poverty to live with, but god gave him sharp eyes and a mind to reckon with.

He stood his ground and became a man….not a real man though.

World knew him as a man but he knew he has to earn his manhood…by virtue of being born in male gender; he couldn’t have been called a man.

Big bang theory guided him into the golden path. 2001 dot com bubble busted and companies started downing their shutter. Rachit has held his cards tightly to the chest; he started servicing companies who needed the service at a lesser cost.

After 8 years:

Rachit did play well and is working on a senior position in a MNC. Rachit is 35, married but not together, no friends and away from family. He never really cared for anything but his goal; he never believed in luck or what god has written for him, rewrote his life but forgot that he has a wife and people who would care to see him smile……even if it meant with less physical things around him.

After 20 Years:

A bald guy seating on the golden throne in Armani suit and you can see glimpse of the BMW X3 series standing just behind him………looking into zero with no one to rule, no one to laugh with, no one to cry with and no-one to see the throne….he was his own bhasmasur.

Originally written 12. December 2011 20:52