She was walking on the tar road; her eyes were filled with rage, fists tight and pounding heart. She has just won the war and took bloody revenge. She was Prajna, a cute girl in her twenties. She was walking away from her past, unsure of her future, because of her present. The black tar road was alike to her black past…. she was running away from past and now the tar road; more she wanted to forget her past, more it was trying to catch up with her, just like the tar road.

Prajna was studying to become a biotech graduate; she wanted to be a micro biologist and play with micro organisms’. Theirs was a small family, consists of her elderly parents and motherly sis, Priyanka.

The only earning brother was killed in war between India & Pakistan, over a stupid hill. The land on the hill is barren, deserted and without any population and it was trying to pass on its characteristics to humans, who were fighting for it.

The death caused in war was the life turning experience for the family. Mother died of shock, father wanted to be there too, but Yamraj seeing his two pretty daughters, refused to take him in. Priyanka had to take a job in a jeweler shop to prove Darwin’s theory “Survival of the Fittest”

Life was again getting back on track, Priyanka doing a fine job as a Jewelry designer, Prajna studying to be a microbiologist and the father trying to walk after the paralytic heart attack. Then suddenly God unveiled the hidden plan to enrich their lives.

Priyanka hanged herself with a swollen belly; it was not the fat accumulated by McBurger but there was a human life inside, the most beautiful creation a man can create. The beautiful creation becomes the ugliest creation, if the father disowns the mother. She was going around with her employer. Father wanted to be hanged too but his legs were not supportive enough. At last his balcony, which was mostly used for drying cloths….came to his help; and he did not cry while falling down from 7th floor.

Prajna could not fight with Pakistanis last time but this time she was not ready to take things lying down; she was ready to fight, ready for revenge. She left her masters mid way, got into one of the biggest Jewelry Institute and started working on a plan to get even with her sis employer. One day, she felt a sharpening pain in the head and felled down; was taken to hospital. And when she woke up in her senses, she got Turn # 124 of her life; was told, she was HIV positive. It seemed to her that revenge will not be complete in her short span of lifetime. Indian law prohibits disclosure of patient’s AIDS status without consent, so she could afford the anonymous tag.

She bagged the most coveted job of jewelry designer with Narotamdas Jewelers; in few days time, she was epitome of Seth Narotamdas…mostly because of her curved body, polished communication and wicked style.

As usual, Seth’s wife was out and Narotamdas forgot some precious stones at store, he called up and wanted a real diamond to carry the stones to his home to be delivered by hand…and this time real diamond was Prajna.

Precious stones were delivered but hands which delivered them were beautiful too and beauty needs to be appreciated. Narotamdas started appreciating her beauty in his own style and Prajna was party to the crime. Seth Narotamdas, who was unable to do it, was able to do it and he wanted more….Prajna started laughing. Next 2 sentences were death nails for Narotamdas.

Prajna: 2 truths for you, one Priyanka was my elder sister and second, I am HIV+

She enjoyed the pale look of Narotamdas and walked out from his Malabar hill home.

She reached home; saw a thick brown envelope lying at the door from “Jupiter Diagnostic”. She sat on the sofa, switched on the TV and opened it with heavy heart and read

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Accept our sincere apologies from heart

We have detected some machine problems and that caused faulty detection of HIV+ in several of our patients. We are happy to inform you that your samples were tested at AIMS and you are not HIV+

Warm Regards,

Kedar Betgeri

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

She reached for sleeping pills bottle, took all of them, gulped down with water and with faint senses, heard famous news reader Amit Gupta on AajTak “Breaking News: Seth Narotamdas committed suicide by hanging himself”

She saw the watch and it was 2'O clock and date showed 14th Dec’09; now she remembered the sleeping pills bottle had only 3 pills and it was exactly 17 hours after the incident, she woke up….a smile came to her dry lips, which was a tribute to her family.