Courtesy —

My footsteps again stopped in the same street, I felt him everywhere. In the evening the scent of jasmine was captivating my inner self. My foot stopped in front of that white house. He lived there. The unknown person who ruled my heart, I didn’t know his name and anything about him. But I loved him. He knew nothing about this but my love was true. It was not wrong to love a stranger.

Many years went by and then one day was visiting the park with my son. My son was accompanied by my maid mostly and I did not know his friends. My son started playing — digging holes, carrying soil, and jumping around aimlessly with a bunch of kids who looked the same.

Was watching them and thinking about how true innocence looks like. A smile came on my lips and then I saw many parents like me were wandering in the same park and a lady was looking at me a little puzzled. Our eyes met and I gave a wide smile and the lady walked up to me.

She: Do you live here nearby?

I: Yes. Have always lived here. Actually, I was born in the vicinity.

And then we talked and talked. I and Pushpa exchanged numbers.

The sun has decided to go and rise in some other country and mosquitoes were roaming around to bite. I have always found mosquitoes’ bite and people’s eyes similar.

I: Let's go, Kabir. Its time for your paw petrol show :)

Many of my pickup lines never worked but with my son, paw petrol has always worked.

Weeks passed by and I too made many friends from my son’s playground.

One Sunday afternoon, I was aimlessly scrolling Facebook and a WhatsApp alert came. The message was from Pushpa, It has 2 pictures and it said

“ We met at the park and became so good friends but I have a confession to make. When I first saw you, it looked like I have seen you somewhere. Then I came back home and I saw the charcoal painting hung in my own drawing-room. It so looked like you. It has been months and I am losing my peace of mind over it. I asked my husband many times about the painting but he only remembers painting it not who inspired it and why.

I am not messaging you out of some suspicion but to find my peace of mind. Hope you don't mind.”