Collaboration among system components

Amit Prakash Gupta
2 min readMar 21, 2023

Is the world collaborative?

If all 8 billion people did something for each other regularly and that generated so much energy that world evolved?

We do have a shared reality — Ukraine and Russia are fighting but we are impacted too. Shared reality to collaboration is a new journey.

How about you wanted to travel to a destination and instead of calling for Uber , a remote vehicle turns up at your place and someone among 8 billions — remotely drove you from one place to another, gave you company, shared their life without stepping out the confines of their home. Will that be collaborative where traces of borders go away?

How about the energy generated from motion of the vehicle becomes the fuel, to keep moving continuously per newton’s first law, an object will not change its motion unless a force acts on it.

The premise of MockingJay is on the same lines — once you set into the motion, the system becomes unstoppable.


System is a set of things like USA as a country is a union of states.
The system is developed differently, tested differently, logged differently, secured differently. There are so many moving parts, stakeholders and, with advances and obfuscation — very less people know what happens at interpreter levels and, how despite the differences system is whole — all components are interconnected at waist. If we just keep an eye at interactions between the components — we can achieve all we want to achieve.

How about If we use the system and, just using the systems generated enough signals to certify if the system is
- working efficiently?
- working securely?
- working as intended in terms of UI behaviour?
- working underneath the bonnet is allrite?
- document the ways in which it works and it does not?
- you can inject external world data to test internal pathways — futuristic scenario based testing/ debugging?
- you can see your customers using your system in realtime and debug/intervene in those moments.

In short, collaboration is at the heart of building and maintaining complex systems that can help us navigate a rapidly changing world. So let’s embrace the Mockingjay spirit of collaboration and work towards a world that truly meets the needs of all its inhabitants.

Hello world — Hello MockingJay!