Happiness & Success=> Amit’s definition

I wrote this for my personal clarity in dec 2016 and intend to keep revisiting. Context was maybe a mid life crisis where i was looking for some answers for myself.

I want to position my goals, behaviours and projects to be as aligned as possible with my own happiness.

Things which brings happiness to me:

creating something new
making a difference to someone
less poverty
happy kids
public adulation
find the best way

In my career, I have done many things which i thoroughly enjoyed with less money and something that I didn’t enjoy and didn’t gain any kick from. I know many others in the same position.

I don’t believe that we can separate personal and professional happiness; the two are intrinsically linked and dependent on each other.

This is a tragedy of our making.

I firmly believe that happiness is success — it’s the most important thing worth living for.

Last December, I started thinking about what drives me and what will make me go extra mile, kicked up, energetic and will work minus any need of break (traditional context).

I was honest about the approach as i was doing it for myself.

My personal non-negotiable are autonomy (find the best way), creating value(impact) and appreciation (public adulation), all at a right price. And, i believe they are for keeps as they have been constant for quite sometime now.