By this post, I am trying to look within my roots and find reasons of my passion, persistence and may be entrepreneurship.

My father is very humble and at the end of his daily prayers, used to look within a dictionary. [I haven’t asked what was the reason yet] It was very intriguing for me as a child and i used to look at wet pages of dictionary to guess which pages he may have touched and look at featured words. I have discovered this very recently while i was talking to a therapist cum life coach — that many of words in my vocab have come from that exercise.

When i was small and studying in school, in the late evening 0730 or 0830 PM — there used to be recital of news and many people used to gather and listen. It was always ensued by a lengthy discussion for next 30 minutes. Tea cups offered and whatever else was available that day. I have heard the political commentary, issues concerning nation and philosophy with equal elaine. I inoculated the learning from my parents. The festival of dipawali was welcomed, not so much for sweets and toys, but because new literatures would be found cleaning the house. And i was a voracious reader. You could have found me picking small little papers from road and reading — in my small little town. So when i was in my teens, I had seen a lot of tall people around and had a world view larger than many others who let their age define them.

My uncle Rajesh Kumar Gupta took a long path to become what he is. Due to constraints, he achieved less than what he is capable of and still so full of life and contained. He is hugely popular, non aligned and a good thinker. I learnt compassion, not being fearful and being good from him.

My father is persistent in his life. He chose business over a job. He was a semi successful. He took over the reins from my grandfather and was a good guardian to family. I learnt persistence, belief in karma and passion from him.

Entrepreneurship is a byproduct of having no fear plus above. I hope my past gives you reason to find roots to some of characteristics you possess.

CTO //