I saw Yayati on TV….he was speaking on Gay rights with unmistakable passion; it seems he was Gay from last 5–6 births.

However, remembering our college days I can bet my kidney that he can’t be….good old college days.

Yayati walked in the college and was surrounded by seniors for ragging..he was bundled along with poonam and shashi to Canteen. Robert was serving not so yummy samose and pepsi. All juniors were instructed to drink water from drum with the promise that if they can empty it by drinking, they will not be ragged again. He was drinking water and looking at surd’s girl…that woz college rose queen Reet, 1 year senior to him. He emptied the whole drum by inviting all juniors and thereby ensuring that no junior is ragged again…people knew they have a leader.

At every given or not given opportunity he ogled at Reet…his prayers worked and Reet failed the semester in 5 subjects and had to continue in the same class as Yayati. He was a born leader, always ruled the college with his left thumb; fought for everybody and in turn got a standing ovation. He gave respect to all and thought world is full of good people…no one is bad.

He was good in studies, better in fights and has a lot of fatherly money…he never drank a drop of alcohol but had a bar at his home for friends. Many girls vied for his attention, some tried wooing him and whoever thought less of themselves tied rakhi to him. Reet got closer to him and proposed him on last day of second year. He was on moon and that’s how their love story began.

3 years jump……

Yayati passed with first class and Reet failed in final year..once again.

Reet was from same caste, same state but born and brought up in Bombay….white color accepts all colors and so did Reet. By Accepting good and bad of Bombay she got included into a category called bombayittes. Yayati birth color was black; he was ready to accept colors but was not willing to let anybody change him into someone else.

They both loved each other as if there was no tomorrow…he loved her soul but she was trained not to let anybody touch her soul…she taught him to love body. She loved the security, the money, the car and the care but she always craved for a rough devil man…It was uber cool.

Yayati worked with Indiapassion.com [3 X porn website] as a professional hacker, who used to test their system’s preparedness through hacking techniques. While traveling back home, he saw a couple drenched in love and that made him aware of this fact that despite being in relationship…he has been missing on so many things in life.

Next day, he was home….prepared food, ordered wine and the music….the ambience was ready… now comes the turn of lady. He knew every evening 7’O clock Reet was online, chatting with his brother [who worked in some geeky company in Australia].

Yayati wanted to send an email to Reet from her own account and surprise her so he hacked into her yahoo account, however life can surprise you for any untimely attempts and it did. First email in the inbox said…”muaaah love you janeman”. He clicked on it with the mouse, mouse was breathing his last as it could feel the paw and teeth of cat….the content of message was romantic…it was an email from Dhritiman..the mouse has won and cat died. He saw many such messages in inbox and sent items…he was lifeless.

9 years later….

His friends and family chipped in and brought him back on his feet. He learnt a lesson the world has two types of people…good and bad.

He is working as AVP in a MNC; doing well to himself and people are proud of him.

He saw a girl and kind of liked her; those 9 years were really mean [callous]. Years of not being with a girl has brought a strange change in him, he never got excited seeing a girl. Whenever he looked at a girl, he could see Reet and that always meant never seeing that girl again.

However this time it was different, he felt pleasant looking at Mugdha; they started talking and were inseparable in a month time. Life of a recluse and boxing of emotions over the years, brought so much of passions at one go that Mugdha dint know how to treasure so much of love.

Mugdha was loved before by various men and one thing was common in those 17 encounters… sexually active life. Her soul was not touched and this man was constantly trying to reach where nobody dared to traverse. 9 short months of love…Yayati had an apple and Mugdha could identify with Eve, they got physically active and that brought bad air in the love palace.

A plain love and 100% dedication can be boring as the day you are sure of something…who cares a dam duck [duck is 75% obscene word]. Mugdha has always seen guys going extra length for bedding her but she couldn’t feel the difference. This time somebody was trying to woo her for life so he has other 40 years to spend with, he was going slow as he wanted to grow old with her. It was like getting 10000 rupees to spend on a girl…he was going slowly however others knew the trick. They spent 10000 rupees on a girl and moved on to another so that they can claim another 10000 from their father or not father.

Soon Mugdha was back where she belongs to; she was not too simply used to life of love and only love, she was looking for excitement. She started looking around and interacting.

When you are in love, all other senses and feelings take a back seat. Back seat does not mean it can never come to front and that’s what happens … Yayati could felt something wrong but he dint know what.

Yayati overheard a communication, which he was not supposed to and world turned flat. Despite having a halogen back home, someone was searching for a candle. This made his mistake go two fold…mistake square…wronged in love.

Yayati was not revengeful but this time he took revenge from womankind …. He turned gay and ensured that women folk have one less nice man to make love with…now all Reet and Mugdhas of this world will have to slay their own dragons..

originally written at 21. August 2010 19:14