Open mindfulness, wandering and growing

Not all those who wander are lost — J. R. R. Tolkien

I am an early riser and rains in mumbai are simply beautiful. One of the saturdays, i woke up as usual at 0600 AM and watching rains. I felt the urge of hearing a particular song “Bulla ki jana main kaun” [] If you have heard this song but don’t know the meaning of the should read it at least once.

I was hearing the song and not hearing the song. My mind was empty and was wandering. I had some questions pending since many months and suddenly after looking at rain — there was clarity.

My growth factors in life are being Open mindful, Wander and be curious. When we talk of being productive, focus is overrated. Focus is important but not the only factor. Talk of open office perils and I have seen people come to work, plug headphones in their ear drums and code to glory. Many of them wouldn’t be even productive for half the time they were listening and trying to focus. More time gets invested in trying to than really achieving.

Open Mindfulness is all about being receptible and it can happen only when we don’t put emphasis on expertise but the reason why expertise is needed. Once upon a time, i was so engrossed in microsoft technology eco system that I never ever cared for many upcoming technologies. When i realised, i became technology agnostic and have learned so much that my ability to understand technology increased by multifold.

Wandering is required as it helps us bring the best of all world. Think of it as I am in fintech and will abreast of fintech technologies but nothing much of else. From the time, I started constructively wandering — it has helped me learn from various fields and bring that learning to my focus area.

Being curious comes as second nature to me and it has helped me learn different things, some of them matter today..some of them will matter tomorrow.

I hope some of these helps you become better or you help me become better.