What i learnt from our boys trip to USA in the pandemic times?

Amit Prakash Gupta
3 min readDec 15, 2021

Kashi, situated on the banks of holy ganga, is one of the oldest continually inhabited places in the whole world. Kashi was a major trade center and religious capital of India and that attracted attention — earliest destruction of the city dates back to 1194AD. It has been destroyed time and again, only to be reborn.

My learning — every creation starts from destruction.

If you want to recreate yourself — destroy something within.

On every birthday, I go through a ritual to understand who I am and 2020 was the year of acknowledging that my methods needed change, I needed to change — apt time for destruction. Robert Ruark said If you want to change something in your life, find something of value to change it with first- I am on the lookout. The trip happened as part of my quest.

The Trip
I travelled with Ajey, Ken and Sharad for a USA roadtrip in November 2021.

- For me travel has been sacred in past and that limits what I can do or experience.
- I know journeyman from blood and sweat [what better place to make friends]
- A chance to travel in pandemic
- I am attracted to USA — people, their rights and road trips [ a dear friend was scared that i decided to travel to USA despite their guns, fifth and filth(reference to homelessness and legal marijuana]

My learnings?
from Ajey:
- It takes time to recover and give your needs a priority
- If you are not leading — be a better follower
- If you are not going to shake it — do not move it
- Be paranoid about it - I am oblivious to risks but not everyone should be
- Think before you act , you dont have to respond instantly.
- Its pays to know

Suggestions - You are enough.

from Ken:
- If your name is Ken you better be a Zen
- If you cant laugh , you can not sleep
- Passion , fitness it should be part of you like breathing - in every moment
- Give space
- Jokes are you to laugh
- Be kind, let your smile be infectious
- Connect to your own soul, you don’t have to touch anyone else’s

Suggestions — Share your experiences, it can change someone’s life.

from Sharad:
- Know the minefield and be ready to improvise
- Know what you claim to know
- Fight every battle
- Gather maximum for winter
- Dress to kill
- Make the world better

Suggestions — You don’t have to win every war, its okay to let it slide at times.

What did i learn about myself?
- Time to relentless pursuit has gone - need to rest and journey
- I am a giver however much i try to change — my value system will remain same
- Meditation keeps me calm — its a must
- Can easily gain weight- i gained 4 kgs in 10 days
- I can spend long period looking at yellow leaves — zion
- more to come in future

Note - hard part is internalising all of the above , it will take years.